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James is not afraid to share his knowledge. His coaching and content is extremely insightful, and you'll get strategies that rarely fail.

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Authority Architecture


Building a sustainable business that serves you is more than a website and some ads. It needs a clear focus on why you should be the default choice in your industry and exactly who you are relevant to.

If your a professional, consultant, coach, advisor, service provider or entrepreneur and want to be infamous, charge what you’re worth, be everywhere, and always be THE person someone wants to work with;

In less than 8 week this can be your reality.

Working with my team and I, we help you strategize, develop, launch and optimize the EXACT strategy that has helped me build multiple two multi-million dollar businesses and have an engaged audience of across the world.Authority Architecture is an application only program. To speak to one of my team about whether this is a fit for you, start your application here



Personal Mentorship


For those who are serious about upleveling their business.

I take a maximum of 8 businesses who are generating at least $50,000 per month (or have a solid vision to get there) and want to massively grow in 6 months.

The Mentorship Program is extremely selective and isn’t simply based on your ability to pay, rather, your ability to be both mentored, and the likelihood for us to have a business partnership in the future.

Mentorship isn’t about one-hour phone calls and dream journals.

It’s about gaining massive momentum and embedding proven systems into your business and life that you can take extreme ownership of.

It’s about being able to have someone in your back pocket before you make decisions.

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Modern businesses understand that as their products become commoditised they must build deeper value for their customers to retain them.

I partner with businesses in Australasia to add value to their clients and customers bases through high quality education, communities and events.

If your customer base is made up of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals, we partner with you to build deeper relationships and provide massive value to your customer base.

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